At 10.30am on Saturday September 9th, Hari’s friends -

an alliance of authors, illustrators, teachers, business owners and residents - gathered outside Wood Green Library to protest this decision. Hari was overwhelmed by the support both in person at the protest and from well-wishers on social media.

Read Ham & High’s coverage of the protest here.

Hari’s fight is far from over. Now we need Haringey residents to talk to Hari about their experiences of the children’s library service since these changes were forced through in October laast year. We’d especially like to hear from children and young people. Email us on this address, and please make sure you include a line giving us permission to use your statement.


Hari’s friends have already tried petitioning Haringey Council to reverse this decision. We now need Haringey residents to call on the borough’s two MPs, Catherine West and David Lammy, for help.

For Catherine West, MP for Hornsey and Wood Green consituency, you can:

email here

phone 020 7219 6141

tweet here

or by post via House of Commons, London, SW1A 0AA

Catherine has very kindly written to John Glen at the Department of Media, Culture and Sport in support of Hari.

You can read her letter here.

For David Lammy, MP for Tottenham constituency, you can:

email here

phone 020 7219 0767

tweet here

or by post via House of Commons, London, SW1A 0AA

Please tell your MP your feelings about Haringey Children's Librarians, and tell them about any personal experiences you've had of the impact of these changes.  In case you need help, we've provided downloadable template letters for both MPs:

Catherine West Template.doc

David Lammy Template.doc

(If you’re not sure which MP represents you, then you can check by entering your postcode in this website.)

Please be nice when contacting elected representatives - we need them on our side!


Help us get the word out! The more residents who make contact, the better. Follow Hari, and pass his message on: @savehari on Twitter and Facebook, @save_hari on Instagram

You can also email the campaign

Hari can’t do this without you. Here’s what he needs you to do: